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The magic of the camera and the power of the photographic image has fired my imagination since childhood.

I began working as a photographers’ assistant in the ‘80s and launched out as a freelance photographer 5 years later. I took on many varied commissions for design groups, advertising agencies and publishers. I specialised in photographing for charity campaigns, which included Shelter, NSPCC, Sense and Macmillan.

In 2011 I graduated with a first class honours degree in Photography at the University of Westminster, during which time I completed a body of work of landscape images to describe vulnerability, uncertainty and isolation.

‘Out of Darkness’ consists of two triptychs depicting an internal landscape mirrored by the awesome power of nature. I wanted to convey the heightened sensual awareness experienced by photographing the sea at night. This is a timeless place of escape where the imagination can run wild and where we are vulnerable to anything happening. I am strongly influenced by the Romantic tradition and concepts of the Sublime, powerfully depicted in the paintings of Casper David Friedrich, J.M.W. Turner and Mark Rothko. In this work, the sea acts as a metaphor for the emotions endured when overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and panic. The strong sense of foreboding, building into a sense of disorientation, lack of control and loss of self are expressed through the untameable power of the sea.

More recent work entitled 'Wildfires' depicts the aftermath of a fire that ravaged National Parkland close to where I live in southern Spain. This was recently exhibited at the Rag Factory as a Peg collective collaboration.

'Greenhouse' is an ongoing project.